Reliable Packaging System Solutions

Naite is the eminent Chinese manufacturer of packing machine. Based on significant experience and expertise accumulated through over 20 years, Naite excels at R&D, manufacture, sales and service of weighing and packaging line and fully automatic weigh filler. We supply an extensive range of product offerings covering granular filling machinery, weight filling machine, powder filling machine, semi-automatic multifunction filler, fully automatic VFFS machine, automatic packaging machine and check weigher, etc. These package equipment is highly distinguished by stable performance and remarkable production rate, and has been already applied to industries of seeds, feedstuff, fertilizers, grains, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food and condiments, etc.

    1. DCS5Q-2 High Speed Weigh Filler for Granule

      Feeding method of this is semi-automatic packaging system is the advanced combination of gravity and vibration, whereby ensuring feeding speed and accuracy.

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    1. DCS25Q-2 High Speed Weigh Filler for Granule

      This high speed weigh filler for granule has been proved to be perfect for enterprises longing for computerized weighing system. Production rate of this filling solution reaches 700 to 1000 bags per hour, which is sufficient enough to meet your expectation.

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    1. DCS50PD Weigh Filler

      This weigh filling system has been extensively applied to granules, flakes, powders or mixed types, such as aquatic feed, livestock feed and chemical materials, etc.

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    1. DCS50PD-2 Weigh Filler for Powder and Granule

      Moreover, this semi-automatic packaging system is characterized by jam-preventing device and roller cage to guide conveyor belt and remove sticky materials. Furthermore, we adopt unique gating system for our weigh filling machine to minimize shock and vibration ...

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    1. Bag Filling and Sealing Machine

      We manufacture our bag sealer in absolute tune with food safety standards for food production machines. In particularly, parts contacting with materials and bags are made up from hygienic materials in accordance with standards.

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  • History
  • Naite came into being in year 1994 and started out manufacturing DCS1A weigh filler.
    In 1995, Naite launched DCS1A, DCS2A and DCS5A weighing and filling equipment applicable for seed industry to package hybrid corn seeds, hybrid rice seeds and coleseed.
    Naite, in the year 1996, won the bidding in 95 Seed Project.

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